A lazy Sunday guide to Hoxton/Shoreditch

Everyone knows that Hoxton/Shoreditch is a hotspot not only for tourists but for Londoners also, and that is simply because there’s so much to do in so little time; from coffee shops, to markets, to brunch spots there’s something for everyone. Here’s a guide to some my favourite hotspots in Hoxton/Shoreditch!

Start your day early and explore Columbia Road flower market, get there before the crazy crowds of people fighting for flowers, and yes you will see people fighting for flowers. The market is always filled with interesting characters, beautiful flowers, and cute little shops along the road. The best time to explore the market is between 9-10, after that it becomes absolute mayhem, meaning no one could move!



Once you’re done picking out the perfect flowers venture out somewhere in Hoxton and Shoreditch for the perfect Sunday brunch, there’s so many great spots it’s sometimes difficult to choose, however I would avoid the Breakfast Club, yes, the food is great there’s no denying that, but the crazy lines are definitely not worth it. If the Breakfast Club is on your brunch list, you should definitely save for the week when there’s far less people. One of my favourite spots for Sunday brunch has to be Friends of Ours; this quaint café in Hoxton has one of the best brunches in the area, lovely staff and delicious coffee. Even though Friends of Ours is small the wait for a table is never really long since they have such great service. Another great brunch spot in the area would have to be The Attendant in Shoreditch, this airy café serves up delicious brunch and lunch options, and it’s dog friendly!

Breakfast at the Attendant
Breakfast at Friends of Ours

Once your done inhaling your delicious brunch go for a stroll around Shoreditch and admire some of the amazing street art, who needs to go to a museum when you could stroll down Redchurch street or Brick Lane and see some pieces from talented street artists.

The ever changing wall on Hanbury Street
Chance street super heros
Two of my loves – street art and super heroes
Chance street
The most Instagrammable wall in Shoreditch
Brick Lane 2
Art by the talented Zabou – Brick Lane

Not only is there street art to admire but Shoreditch is also home to a lot of history. Go for a stroll down Princelet Street, and the surrounding streets, where you will find Georgian – era houses that are still in good condition; these homes have been around since the 18th century. The homes in the area were once built for the poor and French Protestants, who were fleeing persecution, France’s loss was London’s gain because the area really did flourish. However, by the 19th century, the area was considered the slums of London until Jewish immigrants arrived and that all changed. A lot of the homes from the 17th century were knocked down for the Georgian – era homes we see today. The area has had it’s ups and own but after all this time it has survived; walking down those streets around Spitafields will give you a glimpse of what London looked like over a century ago.





After that stroll you will definitely need a coffee break and Shoreditch is filled with amazing independent coffee shops, so skip the Starbucks and check out some of my favourite spots. One of my favourite coffee shops would have to be Origin Coffee, this espresso room  has incredible coffee and a lovely staff that has a passion for speciality coffee. Another great coffee shop/ eatery is Albion, there’s two in Shoreditch so you will be able to find a spot without a problem. What’s great is that it’s right off Brick Lane, so you don’t have the crazy crowds, and they make one hell of a coffee.

Perfect latte from Origin

This lazy guide gives you a glimpse of what Hoxton/Shoreditch has to offer without all the craziness of tourists and you’ll leave feeling like one of the locals.

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