What to do in London for under a tenner?!

We all know London is an expensive city, from the ridiculous rent to travel, living in this city means a lot of twenty – somethings like myself are constantly broke, but hey I guess it’s worth it if your living in one of the best cities in the world. Now even though London can be expensive there are a number of things to do in the city that doesn’t break the bank.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of the most Instagrammble spots in the city, from the cute independent shops to the houses that we all wish we could live in but can’t because we don’t have a million pounds in the bank *sigh* However, the best part about Hampstead Heath is the view from Primrose Hill. The walk up the hill to the viewpoint is quiet the workout but definitely worth it! When you finally get to the top of Primrose Hill there’s a breathtaking view of London, from the Shard to the Walkie – talkie building. What surprised me the most the first time I went up there was how calm the city seemed to be from afar and for some reason it made me feel at ease. Most places would charge for a view like that but it’s absolutely free to visit the park and the viewpoint; even Londoners can’t get enough of the view!

hampstead heath 1

hampstead heath 2




Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road flower market is one of my favourite markets in London, from the gorgeous flowers to delicious coffee and sweets, there’s something for everyone. It’s the perfect spot to spend a Sunday afternoon and stroll down the flower market and the surrounding streets, which are all picture perfect. All the flowers and plants are beautiful and you could usually get a deal, my go to flower choice are the lavender which smell and amazing and are known for helping people sleep (5 pounds) or if I’m in a prickly mood I’ll grab a cacti (only 2 pounds). Once you grab your flowers head out to S. Jones or Lilly Vanlli to get a coffee or dessert and then just go for a stroll.





Visit a Museum

All the museums in London are all absolutely free, it’s almost like they want everyone to be cultured! My favourite museum would still have to the V&A, named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, in Kensington, it was founded in the 19th century and still houses the world’s most decorative arts and design collection (4.5 million objects) Not only are the permanent collections amazing but there is also a gorgeous court yard, where you could enjoy a cup a tea and pretend your royalty.


Visit a food market

When I first moved to London I didn’t understand why there were so many food markets in one city, and what I quickly realized was that street food is delicious and spending an entire day at a market was socially acceptable! My favourite market is Dinerama in Shoreditch, it has tons of food and drink options. What’s great about this market is that it’s opened as of lunch time until late, but be sure to get there before 7 so you don’t have to pay the 3 pound cover charge. Another one of my favourite food markets is Camden even though it is constantly crawling with tourists. There are so many food stalls at Camden that it’s always difficult to choose what to eat, but that only means that you need to keep going back until you try every thing!

Fries camden

fish tacos diner

Go on an alternative tour

When people think of London and tours right away they think of Big Ben, the London Eye and dollar signs, but there’s way more to London than those typical touristy spots. Living in East London I might be a little bias but London’s alternative scene is amazing – check out London Alternative Tours, which is a pay what you want basis! These tours are great, they’re run by locals who know the area, and by know I mean they actually know the history, not only the street artists. The tour takes you around Spitafields and Brick Lane, where you get a history of the area and you get to explore the urban scene, which is obviously filled with street art, and those perfect Instagrammble shots. It’s the perfect Saturday afternoon activity, and once the tour is done you definitely need to pop into one of East London’s independent coffee shops, like Nkora or the Old Shoreditch Station.

street art 1


Chance street

street art 2





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