Things no one tells you about London – Vol II

In August it’s going to be 3 years that I have been living in this crazy city and there’s still plenty of things that surprise me; I guess when you move to a new city there’s no way you could possibly be prepared for everything. I guess part of the adventure of moving to a new city is finding out some of these surprises on your own.  Continue reading “Things no one tells you about London – Vol II”


London Art Pick: Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama Exhibition

Victoria Miro Gallery – May 25th to July 30thYK pumpkin me

I am not going to pretend I’m an art curator or an art expert but I have always had a special place in my heart for the arts – maybe that’s because I always wished I was a talented artist – insert sad face. London always has free exhibitions going on and it would be ridiculous not to take advantage; any type of art essentially gives a glimpse in someone’s mind, even if only for a moment. Before going to this gallery exhibition I knew very little about Yayoi Kusama, all I really knew was that she influenced some of the greats like Andy Warhol, and she willing checked her self into a mental institute… The reason I decided to check out Kusamas’ exhibition was because I was mesmerized by the pumpkins exhibition; once I saw it on Instagram I knew I needed to see it for myself. Her take on pop art is quite exceptional and once I left the exhibition I understood how she influenced someone like Andy Warhol. Her exhibition is split up into three sections: Chandelier of Grief, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins and Where the Lights in My Heart Go.
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48 Hours in Salzburg

Beautiful scenery,View from the Fortress delicious food and lovely people, what else could anyone ask for when travelling Europe. Salzburg was everything I thought it would be and so much more. Even though it is a small town in comparison to Vienna there is quite a bit to see and do! What could be better than a town that is nestled in the Alps…nothing I tell you! Continue reading “48 Hours in Salzburg”

Shoreditch – The Land of Street Art in London

Shoreditch has come a long way in the last few decades, and has become one of the hot spots in London – that’s right people from all over actually want to visit Shoreditch! After the Second World War the area was left in complete disarray and many people were leaving East London for bigger and better things, so that left numerous warehouses and buildings empty for the taking. Due to the vacancy a lot of artists started moving to Shoreitch and revitalized the area and turned it into paradise for artists. The area is now a creative hotspot in London, whether it’s fashion, photography, film or my favourite… street art. I may be a little bias because I live in Shoreditch but the area has some of the best street art in London, and what I love most is that the street art is always changing, so you get to see pieces from different street artists. Now when I say street art I don’t mean tagging, I mean art, some of the work I’ve seen on the street of Shoreditch should definitely be in a museum. The street art in the area gives Shoreditch that special charm that gets people flocking to area and coming back for more. Even though Shoreditch is not a big area there are various streets to find street art; I will be talking about some of my favourite spots with the best street art – definitely Instagram worthy! Continue reading “Shoreditch – The Land of Street Art in London”

Vienna – The City of Class and Palaces

Before going to Vienna I envisioned classical music, jaw dropping architecture, and coffee houses, which is exactly what I found in this charming city. Vienna is the capital of Austria and is the cultural, economic and political centre of Austria, but what I didn’t realize before going is that the city has numerous palaces, which I didn’t expect! Even though many people associate Vienna with Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, what many people don’t realize is that the city is rich in not only music but in culture and history. Vienna’s history goes back centuries, and one point in time the Austrian – Hungarian Empire was one of the wealthiest empires in Europe. That legacy left an imprint on most of Austria, especially Vienna, where reminders of the glorious empire are on every street corner. Keep reading to find out the best cultural and historical hotspots to check out in Vienna! Continue reading “Vienna – The City of Class and Palaces”

The Brunch Diaries – Volume II

London is the brunch capital of Europe, everyday there seems to be a different brunch spot opening up, which means the brunch possibilities are endless. I am not afraid to admit it but I do have a slight brunch obsession, and by slight I mean I would have brunch meals all day everyday if I could! My weekends in London usually consist of my trying a new brunch spot and inhaling everything on the menu… so if you love brunch as much as me keep reading! Continue reading “The Brunch Diaries – Volume II”

Adventures through Prague 

Prague is such an interesting city that is rich in history and culture! What I thought was the most interesting was how much much of a role Prague played in Europes’ history. I can’t say that Prague is a hidden gem in Europe anymore because it’s always crawling with tourists, but it’s definitely one of the most underrated cities with regards to history and culture. The Czech people are extremely proud of their culture and it’s a real shame that a lot of people don’t know that. Even many of these are tourist attractions I’m going to tell you what was great about them and what you should avoid! 

clockMy first stop while I was in Prague was visiting the astrological clock because it is beautiful, and more importantly the story behind the clock is quite interesting! Put it this way it involved a man going blind, men being thrown out of windows, and a man falling in the astrological clock! With regards to the astrological clock I would not visit the clock while the ‘show ‘ is on. All you will get is a large crowd of tourists and a headache because of all the people waiting for the time to change on the clock. AVOID AVOID

My next stop was Prague castle, do yourself a favour visit the castle especially view from prague castleif your looking for great lookouts of the city! What I liked most was that the castle was free and St. Vithus cathedral was breathtaking. Even though the inside of the cathedral was super busy, because of all the tourists, I was still in complete awe; the high celings and the beautiful stain glass windows took my breath away. I really am a sucker when it comes to stain glass windows; even after visiting numerous churches and cathedrals these were some of my favorite! With regards to the castle don’t visit  if you’re expecting to see a grand castle, like Windsor castle, the castle is not really a castle at all, but more like a compound with different St. Vitus catherdalbuildings. Beware that there are no english signs and not many people actually working on the grounds, which led to a lot of confusion on my part. Most people visit the castle because of St. Vitus cathedral and the amazing lookouts of the city, so if you’re looking for great banquets halls, galleries and so on, don’t waste your
time visiting the castle.

monastry library IIOne of my favourite spots on this trip was visiting the Strahov Monastery. The Monastery is about 5 minute walk from Prague castle and it definitely worth the visit. The grounds are beautiful and it is peacefully up at the Monastery. While your up there you get to leave the hustle bustle of the castle filled with tourists and school children, and you get to enjoy a peaceful walk of the grounds. What many people don’t know is that the monks at the Monastery still brew there own beer and there a couple of cafes at the top of the Monastery that serves this amazing Czech beer; eating at these cafes also allows a beautiful view of the city. Now you cannot go to the Monastery without visiting themonastry library outside library, you don’t have to be a book nerd like myself to visit; the library actually took my breath away – the rows of books, hard wood floors and beautiful murals on the ceilings, it was heaven. However, I was disappointed for two reasons: 1. We needed to pay 50 crowns to take any photos of the library, 2. We weren’t allowed to walk into the library and explore.

Everyone needs to walk around the Jewish quarter. The history of the Czech Jews was sad but also very interesting, and it has the oldest synagogue in Central Europe that is still being used today. While exploring the Jewish quarter everyone should take a moment to visit the exhibition at the Pinka synagogue. The exhibition is two parts, the first part is a gallery with all the names of the Czech Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis. All of the names of the victims are printed on the wall, that’s about 70,000 names. The exhibition is so simple yet so moving because you are standing in a room reading the names of all these innocent people, who were individuals with families and friends, careers, hobbies and more. I stood in that room for about half and hour and I really got to think about life and how people treat one another, and that religion and culture might divide us but at the end of the day we are all people. The second part of the exhibition was a collection of drawings that was saved by Fridel Dicker-Brandeis, who was a teacher in the Tezein ghetto. She taught the children how to draw and how to express themselves through art since the lives of the children wee extremely difficult. Unfortunately Fridel did not survive Aushwitz but her husband did and he later donated all the drawings. The exhibition was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen, because the drawings were so innocent, and walking though this exhibition you get to see a glimpse of how these children felt living in ghetto and the fear of deportation, but you also saw how many of them were still just kids with hopes and dreams for the future. The exhibition was so touching and eye opening because you get to see the innocence of children no matter what might be happening around them. I would highly recommend everyone to go visit this exhibition, it’s only 300 crowns and you have access to all the Jewish museums and the Old Jewish cemetery.

I would strongly suggest that everyone takes a few days to visit Prague. It’s one of those cities where you only need to be there a few days and you will fall in love right away. I was never bored while I was in Prague, there was always something to see of do! 
More photos of my adventures of Prague are on Instagram! Don’t be shy take a look – the wanderinggypsyy