Things no one tells you about London – Vol II

In August it’s going to be 3 years that I have been living in this crazy city and there’s still plenty of things that surprise me; I guess when you move to a new city there’s no way you could possibly be prepared for everything. I guess part of the adventure of moving to a new city is finding out some of these surprises on your own.  Continue reading “Things no one tells you about London – Vol II”


Summer in the city – London Edition

London may not be known for its summer weather but we actually do get some nice sunny weather contrary to popular belief. Now we might only get a couple of good weeks but that doesn’t mean the city is no prepared for the good weather. Even though we’re not known for our summers there are tons of places in city that are perfect for when the sun does come out.  Continue reading “Summer in the city – London Edition”

Neon Heaven: God’s Own Junk Yard

God’s own Junk Yard is a slice of neon heaven tucked away in northeast London, with a variety of original and vintage neon signs. The genius behind this slice of neon heaven was Chris Bracey, who started designing neon signs for sex shops in Soho in the 1970s. His genius was not only limited to signs for sex shops, eventually he was designing signs for Hollywood filmmakers such Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan, and collaborating with photographers like David LaChapelle. Unfortunately, Chris passed about in 2014 but his dream lives on through his son, who now runs the business, and the neon warehouse that everyone is allowed to visit. Continue reading “Neon Heaven: God’s Own Junk Yard”

Exploring East London – Street Art edition

I have been living in East London for almost a month now and I love it! There’s some much to love, the food, art, clothes and so much more. East London has character which is probably why so many people are interested in this part of the city. Continue reading “Exploring East London – Street Art edition”