Being Veggie in London – Vol I

When I became a vegetarian a few years ago I thought I was going to struggle not eating meat, especially since I’m Italian and my family pretty much had some type of meat or fish with every meal. Even though I knew it would be difficult I did it because I could not advocate for animal right and protecting the environment when eating meat was the main cause for those problems; I would have been a hypocrite fighting for those issues while inhaling a burger or a steak. I also gave up meat for my health, it still baffles me that there’s still so many people who consume a ridiculous amount of meat on a weekly basis, especially those who have no idea what it does to the body, the risk of cancer and heart disease alone sky rockets if you’re eating a huge amount of meat on a weekly basis. Now this isn’t a post about me ranting about the meat industry and promoting being vegetarian or vegan but rather about some of my fav veggie spots in the London. One of my biggest concerns when I gave meat and fish was eating out and socializing, for some reason I had it stuck in my head that I would be forced to eat bread/pasta at every restaurant and give up burger and fries forever! Thankfully London has so many veggie and vegan restaurants that I probably wouldn’t be able to try them all these are just few of my fav spots. Continue reading “Being Veggie in London – Vol I”