Things no one tells you about London – Vol II

In August it’s going to be 3 years that I have been living in this crazy city and there’s still plenty of things that surprise me; I guess when you move to a new city there’s no way you could possibly be prepared for everything. I guess part of the adventure of moving to a new city is finding out some of these surprises on your own. 

  1. Everyone is obsessed with plants and I mean everyone…the obsession is so bad people will queue up for Palm Vaults in Hackney to have brekkie in a plant utopia (side note: Palm Vaults is amazing and healthy!)
  2. Coffee culture is a real thing in London, especially East London, there is at least 5 coffee shops on any given high street and everyone takes coffee extremely seriously…when you over hear people talking about how coffee beans are roasted you know they’re obsessed.giphy
  3. There’s what I like to call a ‘brunching culture’ in London…before moving to London I liked brunch but I didn’t need to have it every weekend, that all changed when I moved here; going for brunch has become a part of my weekend routine and that ‘s probably because there’s so many delicious spots to try like Café Miami, Morty and Bobs, Ozone, the Attendant and so many more. Needless to say this ‘brunching culture’ has taken over my life and I could never go back to how things were…and I ain’t mad!
  4. London has become some what of a safe haven for veggies with places like Black Cat Café, Lele’s, Mooshies and so many more
  5. ….but I’m definitely not feeling this fake chicken trend that some restaurants are going through; either you eat meat or you don’t there’s no in between!
  6. Going for happy hour drinks Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays is totally acceptable and no one is judging you for itgiphy1
  7. ….okay so maybe it’s not the best idea to go to work with a hangover but everyone is doing it so it can’t be that bad right?!
  8. There are now coffee shops/brunch spots like Diddys and Morty & Bobs, that turn into bars at night, what a time to be alive boozy brunch doesn’t need to end, we could just carry on drinking into the night and no one is complaining about that
  9. Everyone is on a dating app in this city…I mean how about meeting someone the old fashioned way
  10. ….nope not in London everyone is on Tinder, Happn, Bumble, or POF and it’s considered normal to be on all these apps!
  11. If you’re not constantly using all these apps you will get ‘are you crazy look’ because how else are you going to find true love in this citygiphy2
  12. Everyone in the city is gym obsessed…I mean if you didn’t take a selfie at the gym did you really work out
  13. …I thought it was just another trend people wanting to be healthy and fit (which is great btw) but it’s now reached new heights with fitness workshops (i.e. yoga at the Shard), sports wear shops on almost every corner, running clubs, cycling clubs, gym promoters (yes you read that right gym promoters) and so much more ridiculousness that the fatty in me just can’t keep track giphy3
  14. Even though their seems to be a serious fitness trend there’s also a ‘foodie’ or how I would like to call it a ‘fatty’ trend going on; were living a time where ‘freakshakes’ are a trend that people can’t seem to get enough of. So what is a freakshake… well  instead of serving a regular good old milkshake a lot of restaurants like Milk Train and Molly Bakes are going wild and basically putting my weight in sugar into one milkshake…brace yourself for a hell of a sugar high
  15. Clearly we have a food problem BUT part of being a Londoner means you go to a food market at least once a week, if you don’t than do you really live in London…


The great thing about living in London is that there’s still so many surprises even after you have been living here for years, and that’s part of the London experience. The city is always changing, so there’s always going to be something new, which is part of the beauty of living in London because you never know what surprises await you.



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