Summer in the city – London Edition

London may not be known for its summer weather but we actually do get some nice sunny weather contrary to popular belief. Now we might only get a couple of good weeks but that doesn’t mean the city is no prepared for the good weather. Even though we’re not known for our summers there are tons of places in city that are perfect for when the sun does come out. 


Netil Rooftop

Tucked away in London fields this East London hot spot is one of the best places to grab a drink and get a gorgeous view of the city. What’s great about this place is that they have a massive rooftop with tables, couches and plenty of space to admire the London skyline. Considering the location and the skyline view the drinks are reasonably priced and what’s great is that they don’t pack the rooftop with tons of people, which means you actually get to enjoy yourself without being squished to death. Every time I’ve been there has always been a great ambiance and no craziness, which makes for a lovely afternoon or night out.

Netil 360


White Hart

This quaint spot is in Dalston and from the outside it seems like a regular old pub and you would never think there would be a beer garden at the back. The minute you walk into the beer garden you get some serious Germany vibes with all the greenery and long tables. White Hart is the perfect spot to escape the London craziness grab a pint and enjoy the sun. The beer garden is nice and spacious so there’s no need to stress about personal space!

White Hart


Just Fab – Veg/Vegan Bus

Yes this is indeed a bus that serves up some of the best vegan/veggie dishes I’ve had in East London. I’m a regular and my favourite dish has to be the lasagna, which is almost as good as my Nonna’s which means it’s pretty amazing. Not only is the food delicious and animal cruelty free, but they also have a great outside seating area, and yes parts of the bus are part of this seating area! It’s one of my favourite spots because it’s the perfect lazy Sunday place in the summer where you can get good food and enjoy the sun, away from the hustle and bustle of London’s craziness.

Just Fab


Queen of Hoxton

This hot spot is always buzzing no matter what time of the year it is but it’s definitely a must to checkout during the summer. One of the things I love about is the 70s inspired vibe it has going on with all the colours, instantly putting you in a good mood. The rooftop maybe be small but it makes up for that with delicious drinks and a great ambiance. This is one of my favourite places in the afternoon because it isn’t as packed which means you don’t have to fight for space or a drinks at the bar.

Queen of Hoxton 1

Queen of Hoxton


Dalston Rooftop Park Rooftop bar

In the heart of Dalston this rooftop is always a good idea in the summer. You might not get a skyline view of London but it’s a nice spot to just relax after a busy work week. I love that the rooftop is set up like a garden, which makes you feel like you’re not in Dalston at all. Not only is it a great rooftop bar but they also have events and workshops that go on like rooftop yoga.

Dalston Rooftop


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