Brunch Diaries – Volume IV

Brunching has become a part of my everyday life; so much so that I have now reached volume IV of my brunch series…how crazy is that! Even though what started off as wanting to find the perfect poached egg and avocado has now become an obsession I ain’t even mad about it.


Morty and Bobs

This hidden gem is in London fields and if you don’t know where it is you might just miss it because it’s not on the main road. What’s great about it not being on the main road it that it’s never packed with people leaving Broadway market and you actually get to enjoy your brunch in peace. Morty and Bobs is attached to NTs rooftop, which is a chilled out bar with a nice rooftop. What’s great about this location is that there’s big windows that let in the sunshine and it almost feels like your outside, and it’s covered in plants; the ambiance is just so zen which makes it the perfect spot to get away from London craziness. You know what they say quality over quantity and at Morty and bobs it’s all about that quality, even though they have a small menu all the food we had was delicious; I went for the classic avo on toast with a poached egg and I didn’t regret it.

Morty and Bobs


Where the pancakes are

Located in Flat Iron square right passed the market this market might is a hidden gem but it has gained a lot of popularity recently, I guess we could all thank Instagram for that one. Everybody loves pancakes there’s no question about that and the geniuses behind Where the pancakes are capitalized on this obsession. Just like the name suggests this brunch spot only serves pancakes from sweet to savoury to Dutch pancakes, you name it they got it. Since they specialize in pancakes I decided to try something different so I went for the hummingbird pancakes, which consisted of poached pineapple, zest lime syrup, pomegranate and crème fraiche. This hot spot might be hidden but it’s always busy so be sure to get there early to beat the crowd!

Where the pancakes are


Where the pancakes are 1

Hackney Bureau

 Nestled in London fields Hackney bureau has a prime spot for all those seeking refuge from the craziness of Broadway market on a Saturday. This quaint little spot is right on the corner of Mare Street, so its also the perfect spot to people watch ha! What’s great is that they also have tables outside so it’s the perfect spot to grab brunch during the summer, what’s better than getting your summer tan on and delicious food…nothing! What’s great about Hackney Bureau is that their menu is simple and delicious, and it has every possible type of English brekkie you want.

Hackney bureau


Clerkenwell Grind

 This brunch hot spot is part of the Grind famjam that just keeps growing, and for good reason! The interior of Clerkenwell grind is serious goals and everything is totally Instagram worthy and I can’t forget the neon sign at the door that I need in my life… no seriously, it’s amazing. Their menu has the classics like smashed avo on toast with feta and it also has some original dishes like sweet potato harissa cakes with poached eggs, which was delicious. Not only is a great brunch spot but it also turns into a bar at night so your boozy brunch could just carry on into the night…

Clerkenwell grind

Sign clerkenwell



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