We’re all mad here: Mad Hatters High Tea

Tea time is a part of every Brit’s life and since moving here almost 3 years ago it has become a part of mine; I’m always on the hunt for a new tea spot, one that has charm or might be super corky, and boy did I find that with the Mad Hatters Tea time. Alice in Wonderland was one of my favourite films growing up maybe it was the fact that Alice goes on a wild adventure, meets crazy yet endearing characters and oh yea has the best afternoon tea with the Mad Hatter.

The lovely afternoon tea is at the posh yet not to pretentious Sanderson Hotel in West London. The best time to go would be in the spring or summer since the garden outside is stunning and that’s where you want to enjoy your tea. Get ready to tumble down the rabbit hole, like many people know the entire teatime is influenced by Alice in Wonderland, and I mean everything, from the layout to types of tea to the delicious sandwiches and desserts, everything is Alice inspired.

Alice tea

The afternoon tea starts with picking your Alice inspired tea, I went for the Queen Hearts, she might have been ruthless but the tea was delicious, it was a fusion of red rose, vanilla and a hint of chocolate. After choosing the tea comes the savoury sandwiches like the classic cucumber and goat cheese sandwiches, which may have been the small but none the less delicious, what’s great is that they will keep bringing you more before the sweet desserts! Now my favourite part was obviously the sweet desserts, which included scones with cream and strawberry jam, their signature red velvet ladybug, coffee favoured macaroon, shaped like a pocket watch duh, the ‘Drink me’ potion which was burst of tropical fruit and so much more.

Alice tea 2

Alice tea 4

The tea and food was delicious but what also made this quirky teatime great was the ambiance that the Sanderson has created with the Mad Hatters Tea. The child in me felt that I was in Wonderland, enjoying some tea with the infamous Mad Hatter and time just stopped.

The Mad Hatters Tea is 48 pounds a person but don’t let the price stop you from going because you’re not only paying for tea and some food but rather an experience, and isn’t that what living in London is all about.

Alice tea 3




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